Caroline Sinders is a machine learning designer/user researcher, artist, and digital anthropologist obsessed with language, culture, and images. For the past few years, she has been focusing on the intersections of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, abuse, and online harassment. Currently, she is a BuzzFeed/Eyebeam Open Labs fellow where she is prototyping a machine learning system to mitigate online harassment. Prior to that, she worked at IBM Watson as a designer researcher.

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George Church, professor at Harvard & MIT, co-author of 425 papers, 95 patent publications & the book "Regenesis", developed methods used for the first genome sequence (1994) & million-fold cost reductions since (via NGS and nanopores), plus barcoding, DNA assembly from chips, genome editing, writing & recoding. He co-initiated the BRAIN Initiative (2011) & Genome Projects (1984, 2005) to provide & interpret the world's only open-access personal precision medicine datasets.

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Joe Davis is an artist scientist at Thomas Scwartz Laboratory at MIT Department of Biology, the Laboratory of George M. Church, Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and the Ashley Seifart Lab, Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky. His works include RuBisCo Stars, a transmission of a message to nearby stars from the Arecibo Observatory radiotelescope in Puerto Rico, carried out in November 2009; New Age Ruby Falls, a project to create an artificial aurora using a 100,000 watt electron beam fired into the magnetosphere from a NASA space shuttle; and Microvenus, a piece of symbolic art involving engineering the genetic code of a microbe.

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