Before IT WAS Project61, THE PROCESS was created, built & piloted at Human Condition GLOBAL, LOCATED AT 61 Broadway, NYC. When HCG CLOSED ITS DOORS, the program was fortified, universalized & NAMED "Project61" SO we COULD SHARE ITS SUCCESSes WITH OTHER INNOVATION INDUSTRIES.

Artist in Research; Michelle Lopez, Engineers at Utleys Inc. Photography; Mark Shaw

Artist in Research; Obi Kaufmann. Engineer; Michael Hunt

The LiTT Workshop was produced to demonstrate the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. Over the course of two days we paired artists with engineers and company team members to work with Versalume's lighted flexible fiber optic material to create, push, and find out the materials potential in interesting and unusual ways.


Biometric Textiles, Bacteria Disinfectant, Sanitizing door handle, Biometric Shoe, Emotion and Environmental Responsive Sculpture


LiTT Workshop

The Glass Age | Corning

Embedded, Embedding

Embedded, Embedding

Symposium at Parsons, The New School for Design