I work in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Rosetta mission, to the comet 67P, is my inspiration. I already had a solo show at ESA and gave talks at ESA and NASA about it. I participate science symposiums and work closely to scientists. Right now I am implementing into my paintings spectroscopic data by the OSIRIS instrument on board of Rosetta spacecraft. The part I need your help with is to figure out how to work with infra-red (since this is one of the data points that scientists provide to me). The challenge is to understand how could I possibly paint with infra-red or represent it other way. And most importantly how to detect it (it might need a special instrument, not an ordinary infra-red sensor).
I am using augmented reality in order to present the data at the moment. 

Another project is not less exciting: I will be working with elements from the periodic table and turning them into sound. 



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