i would like to bring in a more technologically advanced set up than previously for my immersive installations, so a sound company could be a good direction to collaborate. the sound i have is already created, but its very specific and dependent on a high end system. i think the area of immersive sound is interesting, so you feel the sound as a stronger physical experience(since a large part of my works deals with perception and the sensory system). the projections i set up are using transparent fabrics so the colors in my videos look like holograms, but they are very analogue at the same time. so i create illusions of holograms. i did this also with double sided mirrored semi transparent plexi glass in the last biennale in 2015. very simple set up, but very powerful. i don't have much documentation on that since its very hard to photograph or film. its like trying to show the Turell installations.

part of my installation will consist of led lights placed vertically along a long semi outdoor hallway. sort of robert irwin'ish. the multi projection installation in the interior space consists of vertical color lines altering slowly, so a light installation with vertical lights own the outer space of the center would act as an entrance to the immersive (vertical) installation. all to have sound as well.



Venice Biennale