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FOUNDER   Laura Schwamb has spent her professional career implementing artistic vision into design objectives. As the former CCO of Human Condition Labs, Executive Director Global Design for Tom Ford Beauty, and Co-Founder and CCO of the Magdalena Art & Science Residency Program, she has built a solid reputation as a forward-thinking, people-driven executive in the art, design, and technology world.


Laura Schwamb is a visual artist who’s held executive creative positions in the fragrance and beauty world. She’s built a solid reputation as a forward thinking, people-driven executive in the art, design, and technology world.

Project61 is her current artistic social practice that is public and focused on company projects that invite exchange and provoke individual and collective actions towards a balanced and humane society.

Former projects she was responsible for building and running:
Human Condition Labs Artist in Research program and creative agency: 3 years
MLNM; Magdalena New Mexico Art & Science residency program: 1.5 years
Tom Ford Beauty creative department: 5.5 years

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